About Us

NewEarthFamily.ca represents the outer manifestation born from our intention to be of service, to help other people find their true nature, their healing-path, kindness and joy, so we can all live in peace and harmony on planet Earth.

Lidia Damian

My name is Lidia, I am a Registered Psychotherapist (qualifying) & member of College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), teacher, energy healing practitioner, mother of a wonderful teenager and grateful to have a family that keeps me grounded and appreciative of every moment.

A few years ago my life took a new turn; a decision to follow my heart and pursue a new path towards becoming a psychotherapist. This required saying farewell to a long career in corporate world with various and interesting roles – all requiring relationship skills and connection with people and all giving me valuable experience in my current role as a psychotherapist.

It also required going back to college, joining a full time psychotherapy program, self-study discipline, experiential exercises, lectures, assignments, exams, graduation, internship and manyhours of working with clients. And the amazing thing is that my work is very fulfilling, finding my true passion allows me to enjoy what I do, creating a long-desired balance between work and life.

I work with individuals, couples and families ready to make positive changes in their lives by developing their strengths and devising new strategies to cope and overcome recurring challengeslike low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, inter-personal conflict, communication and emotional difficulties, relationship issues, parenting difficulties and self-discovery/growth.

I also work with young children – offering mindfulness activities and workshops that help them understand how to balance their emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and develop emotional intelligence, compassion and empathy.

I’m here to listen and to empower you to find the best solutions for achieving your personal goals. I am offering an open, welcoming, inclusive and compassionate presence.

Mihai Damian

We are all limited in our sensorial perceptions. To describe who am I is just a poor translation of words. Who you are is no more or less than this. We can use concepts, labels and try to pretend finding an accurate description of current experiential reality. But who in us decidesthe words that can describe who am I and who you really are?

At some level, if you wish, I am a conscious particle of the universal energy. I am not more or less than you. In fact we are the same. We are part of the same energy, the center point, the root of the infinite spiral of life.

New Earth Family is no more, no less than a conceptual label of something beautiful that exists in all of us, an essence that we all thrive to re-discover in this life. It is an outer manifestation born from compassion. It has the purpose to bring healing and peace on Earth.

I am happy to be part of this energy that blends us together.

I am offering energy healing sessions and presence.